About عن الفنان

Born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1988, Everitte recently finished his Scottish Masters in International Business and Arabic at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He currently lives in Beirut, Lebanon where he continues to research and develop his skills as a calligrapher and artist, as well as improving his Arabic language skills.

ولد إيفرت باربي في ناشفيل، تينيسي في عام 1988. بعد ان حصل على شهادة الماجستير الاسكتلندية
في إدارة الأعمال الدولية والعربية من جامعة أدنبرة، انتقل إلى لبنان, بيروت في
سبتمبر 2011 من أجل الاستمرار في تطوير مهاراته باللغة العربية، وكذلك مهاراته كخطاط
Everitte Barbee

Although he has had a passion for the arts from a young age, he did not begin studying Arabic calligraphy until he travelled to the Middle East. He learned to write the Ruq’a, Diwani and Diwani Jali script from the master calligrapher Adnan Farid whilst living in Damascus, Syria for five months in the autumn of 2009.

If you’d like to read more about what calligraphy means to him and why he became a calligrapher see his interview ‘The Way to Calligraphy’ in Mashallah News.

على الرغم من انه امتلك الشغف للفنون منذ صغره، إلا أنه لم يبدأ دراسة الخط العربي إلى أن سافر إلى الشرق الأوسط. تعلم كتابة النصوص بخط الرقعة ، والديواني والديواني الجلي من معلمه الخطاط عدنان فريد وكان ذلك خلال الخمسة شهور التي اقام فيها بدمشق في خريف عام 2009.

إذا كنت ترغب في قراءة المزيد حول ما يعني الخط له ولماذا أصبح خطاطاً تستطيع قراءة  مقابلته ‘الطريق إلى الخط العربي ” في Mashallah News

About his style, all of his
work is created using only the Diwani Jali script. He’s hoping to incorporate
other scripts into this style upon further instruction in the Middle East.
Arabic script is rarely used to replicate images with large amounts of detail.
This is largely due to the fact that the calligraphy relies on exact
proportions for aesthetic appeal. It is very difficult to balance between
creating convincing images while also creating easily read text.
حول أسلوبه, إن جميع اعماله مصنوعة
ومكتوبة بالخط الديواني الجلي. يأمل إيفرت في دمج البرامج
النصية الأخرى في هذا النمط بناء على تعليمات أكثر في الشرق الأوسط. إنه من النادر
أن يستخدم النص العربي لنسخ وتكرار الصور ذات التفاصيل الكثيرة. هذا يرجع إلى حد
كبير إلى حقيقة أن الخط العربي يعتمد على النسب الدقيقة للمظهر الجمالي. من الصعب
جدا تحقيق التوازن بين خلق الصور مقنعة وبنفس الوقت توفر  قراءة سهلة للنص.
For any questions contact: Everitte@Everitte.org  or  Faez@Everitte.org
Everitte@Everitte.org  or  Faez@Everitte.org :لأية أسئلة الرجاء التواصل على
Photo courtesy of Daily Star Newspaper

38 Responses to About عن الفنان

  1. RJ Baker says:

    Everitte…very impressed with your love for the arts. Great works…keep on creating beautiful art.

  2. Dear Everitte,

    Really !! I’m happy to see your artworks in different ways with unique and nice way using the calligraphy elements. Hope for you all the best with learning the Arabic Calligraphy. If you visit Bahrain or GCC countries let us know about that so we can meet, it will be pleasure to us.

    Ammar Al Mahmood – Graphic & Calligraphy Designer

  3. Kim D says:

    All your work is breathtaking!

  4. احمد says:

    Thanx for your amazing works, I hope you will continue it.

  5. indiaphare says:

    I’ve presenting you with the One Lovely Blog Award. You can see all the details in my post here: http://indiaphare.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/one-lovely-blog-award/
    You deserve it habeebi.

  6. not only is your work imaginative, culturally-informed, traditionally-rich, and respectfully-sensitive, you have daring and know how to push the perimeters by taking the written word and making it a visual commentary on what is happening in our world. You cross cultures in an enriching way that is very exciting to see.

  7. Absolutely STUNNING blog & artwork!!!! LOVE it!

  8. Me & Beirut says:

    Dear Everitte, i’m Hanan from Me & Beirut, my sister is here from Munich for some days and she fell in love with your work! She would love to buy one piece. What shall she do? She’s here until Thursday. Thanks🙂

    • Everitte says:

      Hi Hanan, thanks so much for showing my work to your sister, that’s so kind of you! Do you know which one she wants? I would be happy to meet up with you tomorrow or Thursday if that works for you? The simplest thing would be if she goes on my Etsy page http://www.etsy.com/shop/EveritteBarbee?ref=si_shop then she can choose which one she likes and I bring it for you in person. You can call or text me on 76387604.

  9. Dema says:

    Fat works
    You have a nice flow on your calligraphy


  10. Justin says:

    Your work is amazing. I love the beauty of its juxtaposition; complexity and simplicity all in and of itself. I would love to speak with you via email.

  11. im Impressed and impressive work.
    keep it up bro.

  12. Dear Everitte,

    You have now sold 2 pieces of art on Saatchi Online but we have not been able to get in touch with you to get the pick up information.

    Would you kindly write to me from a valid email address so I can give you the details of the sale?

    Thank you,

    Zoe La Placa
    Saatchi Online Support

  13. Sharif says:

    These are amazing, very impressive indeed.
    I was hope to ask you a question, I am starting up a t-shirt label in Australia and would love to print one or two of these, with your permission of course.
    What is your policy on this?

    hope to hear from you soon.

    • Everitte says:

      Hi Sharif,

      Thanks for your kind words about my work.

      These particular designs can’t be reproduced on clothing as I sell them in limited edition prints of 50. I am currently designing a range of origianl designs for a clothing company in the UK. If you think you might be interested in working with me to create some unique designs for your company feel free to drop me a line at everittegb@gmail.com.

      Thanks again,


  14. tracey says:

    Like i said ivé never seen anything more breathtakingly beautiful since the lebanese cedar tree,and you have given new meaning to the word art,;-),Tracey Retchford,

  15. Beatrice says:

    Hi there – I just saw your piece on FB and found your work here. Absolutely gorgeous!

  16. trypeacenick says:

    I would like to feature your peace hand on my FB page – the peace art collective
    Could you please contact me? Thank you.

  17. Mogz says:

    Incredible! Keep up the great work.

  18. umm Abdillah says:

    Your work is magical. Thank you.

  19. sumeyye says:

    I surf in the internet today, ı saw your skills, I was surprised…your works are interesting for me.we write ruq’a calligraphy with ottoman alphabets in Istanbul. I like your Malcolm-x calligraphy so much…have you ever in turkey?why did you select calligrapher, and did you think be muslims?thanks:))

  20. jay Arr says:


  21. Nesrine says:

    Hi, I am a Tunisian exchange student currently in the U.S and I chose you to talk about you for my art project. Are you planning any exhibitions in Tunisia or any other northern African country? I would take care of the advertisement!

    • Everitte says:

      Thanks for your comment. We’d love to visit Tunisia one day, for now Everitte is planing on exhibiting at international calligraphy fair in Algeria.
      Thanks again.

  22. Bin says:

    سلمت يداك يا إيفرت على الإبداع في الخط ولا سيما اختيارك للخط الكوفي الجلي الغني بالتزويق والسمات الجمالية. مودتي

  23. Bin says:

    معذرة للخطأ، قصدت الديواني الجلي، مودتي

  24. nareeman says:

    أنت رائع !!! بل وفوق العادة .. سلمت الأيادي
    تحية … ناريمان الشريف

  25. Mohamed Bensabban says:

    لخط العربي يتجاوز القواعد الهندسية فيفتح أمامك عالما من الإبداع, فتحير بين قراءة الملامح, و بين قراءة الكلمات
    اندهشت لمهاراتك,
    تحياتي و تقديري الخالصين

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