Resources موارد

This page has recently begun construction and will eventually provide links to useful information about Calligraphy, Islam, and other links relevant to my work as an Arabic Calligrapher.

Common Terminology Seen on

  • Diwani: Diwani refers to a particular Islamic Calligraphy script around which all of my work is based.
  • Jali: (page coming soon)- Jali refers to the decorative marks within and around the Diwani script. Diacritical marks, such as the damma, kasra, and fattah, would be referred to as Jali, while several specific decorative marks which serve no diacritical purpose are also called Jali.
  • Surahs: This page explains the term surah (a chapter of the Quran) and includes information about sponsorship of each individual surah in The Quran for Solidarity

Contemporary Calligraphers:

  • Ahmad Abu El-Adas: A Kuwaiti calligrapher and artist using strokes found in Arabic calligraphy to create complex portraits and scenes on canvas in full color.
  • Josh Berer: A phenomenal American calligrapher working in a wide range of scripts ranging from the six classic hands, to modern freestyle scripts and  even ‘calligraphiti’. He also designs some of the most impressive Arabic calligraphy tattoos I’ve ever seen.
  • Kakayi: An Kurdish calligrapher living in Belgium, specialising in the Diwani script. He’s also done some fantastic experimental moving photographic calligraphy.
  • Joumana Medlij: A terrific Lebanese calligraphress who creates M.C.Escher  like patterns by interweaving one word into itself several times. If that’s not cool enough for you, she writes & illustrates her own comic book. She’s also illustrated numerous children books.
  • Jila Peacock: Her flawless legibility is unrivaled amongst any of the figural Islamic Calligraphers.
  • Hassan Massoudy: Undoubtedly the pioneer of contemporary modern calligraphy. He has pushed the boundaries of Islamic Calligraphy to new frontiers both in mediums and style.
  • Hassan Musa: A modern Sudanese master of imagery and illustration using the strokes of Arabic calligraphy.

Quran and Islamic Resources:

  • Allah’s Quran: English Arabic Translations and Audio
  • Arabic Text Quran: Every verse of the Quran written with text (instead of pictures, it’s particularly useful if you’re trying to copy and paste the Arabic text or translate individual words.)

3 Responses to Resources موارد

  1. Seema Neve says:

    But a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw great design. “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.” by Albert Einstein.

  2. Dick Lagory says:

    Top notch composition. Continue to keep up the superb work.

  3. Samer H says:

    Can you share information about what products you use to compose your works?


    A long time admirer of Arabic and Islamic Calligraphy

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