Giraffe of Damascus زرافة من دمشق

Dimensions of Original Piece: 44x33cm

A giraffe is depicted using only the letters and shapes found in the Diwani Djali Arabic script. The text reads; “Syria needs trade sanctions like a giraffe needs a throat infection.” The text is written exactly twice and in order. The text is first written with thicker letters beginning in the face of the giraffe and ending in the tail. The text is then repeated once more in the belly and four legs of the giraffe.

Signed Limited Edition Prints Available Here.

About Everitte

Beirut-based American Arabic calligrapher.
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2 Responses to Giraffe of Damascus زرافة من دمشق

  1. Thank you for this amazing resource. We will definitely be incorporating your blog into our 6th grade curriculum. It is a perfect resource for our Islamic Civilizations unit.

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